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Your support helped provide the latest treatments, surgery techniques and research at Bristol Heart Institute. Patient care has been improved, lives will be saved and loved ones will remain together.

Advances in patient care transforms lives and aids recovery

BHI patient Chris Pearce said: "I am delighted that the BHI Appeal has reached its target. It is a great credit to all the people who have contributed to make this happen.

"I know from personal experience how much patients will benefit from the relocation of the ECG facility in the BHI. It will be goodbye to labyrinthine treks through the corridors of the BRI. To have all the equipment needed close at hand will make the quality of care provided even better."

Jenny Anstey, Matron, says:

People from across the South West directly benefit from having specialist cardiac services on their doorstep and your help with the Bristol Heart Institute Appeal has enabled us to push the boundaries of innovation even further for future provision of care.

Thanks to your support, we can ensure the BHI continues to provide the very best care and treatment for some of the UK’s sickest patients. As part of the appeal, we have funded:

iPads - £14,688

To aid recovery of patients and help them keep in touch with family and friends.

CorKnot devices - £30,000

To assist surgeons carrying out intricate keyhole procedures such as heart valve surgery. 

Heart valve devices - £84,000

To provide mechanical support for high risk patients who have suffered heart failure and other serious heart condition. 

A new echo machine - £86,240

To provide the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit with ultrasound equipment for urgent bedside diagnosis.

Echocardiography facility - £378,000

To relocate all echocardiography services under one roof so that some of our sickest patients no longer have to be moved between the Bristol Heart Institute and Bristol Royal Infirmary.

See artist's impressions of the new echocardiography facility.

The end of the appeal does not mean our work with the BHI stops. There are many ways you can continue to support the Bristol Heart Institute:

★ Make a single donation or set up a regular gift.

 Fundraise on your own or with your family and friends.

★ Become our charity partner at your workplace.

★ Leave a gift in your will to the BHI.