19 July 2021

A video to help patients with their rehabilitation has been funded thanks to your donations to Above & Beyond’s Bristol Heart Institute Appeal.

Staff at the Bristol Heart Institute (BHI) have filmed their own video featuring up-to-date, evidence-based practice, highly relevant to what will happen next to patients in cardiac rehabilitation at the hospital.

Alice Ibbotson, ANP for Cardiac Rehabilitation and ACS at the BHI, said: “Thanks to the new video, patients will be well-informed and visually connected to the material, as we know not every patient responds to just written information.

“The new film has now been loaded onto the website so that patients can access it and reuse it for free.”

The new video replaces an older one, which was outdated and no longer fit for purpose.

Watch the video

The BHI Appeal raised £830,000 to provide the hospital with the latest technology, surgery techniques and research.

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