Thank you so much to everyone for supporting our appeal, to all our generous supporters, donors, fundraisers, and companies. You've helped us raise an incredible amount of money for the new research facility at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

The new facility is due to open on Monday 20th November and start changing lives for young patients.

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Building hope at the heart of Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

We're building build a ground-breaking research centre, The Coral Reef, at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. A facility that will transform treatments, cures for poorly children will be discovered, and countless lives will be improved today, tomorrow and well into the future. 

Thanks to our amazing supporters, the building works have begun. But we still need your support to help us get over the finish line. We have just £10k left to raise so we can make make the research facility a reality.

Will you join us in our mission to unlock hope children across the South West?


No child should miss out on a treatment that could save their life

Artist impression of the new clinical research facility at Bristol Childrens Hospital

In the region, the opportunity for young patients with life-limiting conditions to join potentially lifesaving research trials is restricted, as our hospital is the only big children's hospital in the UK without a dedicated research facility. Patients and families are left without hope. Hope for a better future. Hope for a cure. 

Together we can change that. 

Imagine if you had to travel hundreds of miles to try a new treatment for your child

Patient at Bristol Childrens Hospital

A poorly child rocks family life to its core. Parents suddenly have to juggle a new normal. Hospital appointments filled with worry. Progress mixed with setbacks. Endless updates to friends and family rallying around them.

What if your only hope for a cure for your child was to travel hundreds of miles to London, Birmingham or even further afield to try a new, innovative treatment? 


Bringing hope closer to home

Now imagine if, alongside those family and friends, an entire region rallied behind those families to help build a ground-breaking children’s research centre right here in Bristol. A place where children from all over the region could join innovative treatment trials and families have hope their child has a healthier future.

This is hope. Right here, in Bristol

Treatment has changed life for HarrisonHarrison taking part in a cystic fibrosis clinical drug trial at Bristol Childrens Hospital

Harrison was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at three weeks old. When he was eight his lung function dropped to just 70% and he became unwell. Two years after joining a revolutionary drug trial at Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital his lung function is 94% and he’s living an active and happy life.

That’s pretty incredible, right?

Watch the video and see the impact you'll be making for thousands more children like Harrison. 



Our hospital research team is dedicated and hugely talented. They’ve participated in hundreds of trials – from children’s cancer to respiratory and even played a part in developing the Meningitis B vaccine now used globally. But they want to do so much more.

We are standing alongside our incredible local NHS, working with them to joint-fund this beacon of hope that reaches across the whole region. Will you join us?

Let’s save lives. Starting today, lasting forever. 




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