Make cancer care in Bristol the best it can be

Your support of Bristol Against Cancer helped us make cancer care in Bristol the best in can be - right now and in the future.

Bristol Against Cancer was about you. It was about your family and friends. And it was about the NHS staff that provide outstanding care to your community.

Throughout the pandemic, cancer continued to affect the lives of thousands of people across Bristol.

As your NHS charity, we believe in the NHS. But we know it can’t do what it needs to do without us. Unlike other cancer charities operating in Bristol, Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity can guarantee your donation will go directly to your hospitals.


You did more for those affected by cancer

Demand for the outstanding cancer services offered at Bristol city centre hospitals will continue to rise – putting additional pressure on the NHS staff working around the clock to care for our families.

Together we can help our hospitals be ready for this. Which is why we’re fundraising to provide the very best facilities, technology and training and development for our staff.

Click on the images below to find out more about the difference your donations can make to cancer care in Bristol.

Worry monsters at BRHC Virtual reality headsets for BHOC Plasma Jet in use at St Mikes
Lego model for BRHC Chemo chairs in BHOC Exercise bikes in use at BHOC


The difference you can make

Together we can ensure our hospitals have world-class facilities and the very best equipment for treating patients. We can create more welcoming environments through refurbishing outdated wards and creating more peaceful spaces away from the clinical setting.

You can help to grow the leading expertise in Bristol city centre hospitals by funding pioneering research and clinical trials, and by supporting the development and training of the dedicated NHS staff.

With a growing population in Bristol and Weston facing increasing chronic and complex health conditions, we know we need to help deliver innovative practices. And we need to do it fast.


Bristol Against Cancer: Your stories

Here you'll find four people's stories of cancer care in Bristol: patients, family, and staff members. And we invite you to share your story of cancer care in our hospitals.

Donate to Bristol Against Cancer. Thank you.

Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity supports all patients and services within University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust. We make your donation go as far as possible by using it in the area of greatest need at your hospitals.

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